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CES has a client with an immediate opening for an electrical/firmware engineer.  Both digital and analog design experience is desirable, however, strength in firmware design is required. Familiarity with design for space applications is ideal and field programmable gate array (FPGA) technology along with Verilog and/or VHDL experience are also highly desired. The candidate should also have experience with schematic capture and PCB design tools.  Experience with LabVIEW automated test software and any computer-based design or analysis tools will be very useful.

Candidates should have experience at designing and testing digital and analog circuits as well as ability to oversee the design and layout of printed circuit boards.

The ideal candidate must have good communication skills and a positive attitude towards problem solving. will be looking for someone who can be flexible in a team environment and can take an organized and structured approach to their work.

Must be a U.S. citizen. Pay: commensurate with experience.

Desired Skills and Experience

Hands-on ability to design, build, and test hardware, firmware and/or software.

Hardware Design                                Verilog                                    VHDL

Static Timing Analysis                       Signal Processing                    Xilinx/ISE

Digital Design                                     FPGA Prototyping                  Debugging

Circuit Design                                     Formal Verification                ModelSim

Timing Closure                                   Signal Integrity                       Schematic Capture

Hardware Architecture                       Aerospace                               Logic Design

PCB Design                                        System Design                        Testing

Validation                                           Firmware                                 Simulation

Typical work activities

The work will include some or all of the following activities: reviewing digital and analog schematics for accuracy and function; reviewing PCB layouts for optimal component and signal placement; researching and identifying components for space flight qualification; analysis and testing of analog and digital systems; environmental testing including thermal vacuum testing, random vibration testing, EMI testing, stability tests and other tests necessary for space qualification; developing test procedures and special test fixtures; SPICE circuit simulation; documenting test results and developing test reports and analyses such as worst case analyses and reliability analyses.

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