Welcome to the Contract Engineering Career Resources page.

CES offers Engineering Professionals a wide range of project assignments and challenges in which to build an exciting career.

Here you are able to post your resume, peruse career opportunities and find helpful hints for presenting yourself in the most favorable light in today’s highly competitive job market.

Why CES is an excellent career option:

Contract Engineering Services, Inc. can help you fulfill your short and long term career objectives in several ways.

  1. Work as a CES employee assigned to one of our client facilities or in the field until the assignment is completed. Depending upon the availability of additional projects, you may then choose to transfer to another assignment while maintaining your CES tenure.
  2. Working with the CES recruiting and staffing specialists, we will assist you in marketing you and your skills to literally hundreds of CES clients to generate contract or direct career options for you.

The Upsides

Working with CES has its own set of advantages.

  • Technical Diversity CES employees are often expected to meet high technical standards with minimal start up time. Your exposure to a vast array of project management models, hot technical challenges, and numerous software programs not only equips you to meet these expectations but increases your marketability in a very competitive industry.
  • Flexibility Choose only the assignments that interest you. Many times you can negotiate a schedule that is convenient for you and your family
  • Networking As a CES employee on assignment your exposure to peers is vast. Additionally since most new projects and direct positions are staffed through the existing team, you will be perfectly positioned to choose your next assignment or even that ideal direct position.
  • Free training opportunities While CES strives to match our employees skills with the needs of our clients, there are times when the client is willing to train them in cutting edge technologies because they are so new. So, it could be your `learn while you earn’ opportunity as you assimilate into newly chosen industries.
  • Ability to focus – Since you’ll be a CES employee you will not get dragged into any of the clients politics, giving you the ability to focus your full attention on the job.

Myths about being employed on a project/contract basis

  • Myth #1: Its difficult switching to a permanent position – Does this mean that accepting a contract position will ruin your chances of ever getting a permanent position? Well, probably not. Even though some employers might worry about your contract background, others may react positively to your rich and diverse experience. In fact, many CES clients end up taking our employees on full-time after working with them for a while. The choice is yours whether to accept the permanent offer or not.
  • Myth #2: Lacks security “You are no less secure in a contract position than you are in a direct position. Statistics show employee tenure in the contract industry has steadily moved towards the direction of direct tenure. Your security is in your ability to perform a necessary task in a given environment not how long you have been on the payroll. Contracting may give you that edge of competitiveness.
  • Myth #3: No benefits “Not necessarily true. CES has benefit plans available to its employees after 60 days. In some cases, when a spouse’s benefits are available to you, you have the flexibility of negotiating a higher rate. Not too many direct employers offer this choice.